What Happens When We Don’t Listen To God’s Warnings?

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What Happens When We Don’t Listen To God’s Warnings?

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Our Lord always warns His people before the times of trouble. But most of the times we don’t listen to His warnings, and even more we continue our journey as we planned.

We forget to realize that if we don’t listen to His warning then our journey, however perfectly planned, will be in trouble. In this post I will discuss what we learn from two incidents, one described in Acts 27:10-21 and another the example of Lot.

Other examples in this context include

(i) Joseph, a positive example, who changed his own plan upon being warned by the angels. According to Matt. 2:22, he was warned by the angels and he listened to the warning. If he had not done so, he would have lost baby Jesus.

(ii) Simpson, a negative example, who neglected God’s warning. He didn’t even know that the Lord is not with him.

(iii) Noah, a positive example, listened to God’s warning about the rain and the flood and immediately started to build the ark and planned his journey.

Now, let us see what happens when we don’t listen to God’s warnings:

Step 1

We don’t listen to God’s warning.

Step 2

Eventually your faith is shifted from the Lord and His words.This is because even though you receive a warning from the Lord, you are not inclined to obey to His words. you choose your own way, but your conscience may poke you often.

In order to silence your inner good side, you convince yourself by shifting your faith from the Lord’s words to some other person’s words which seem to agree with what you are doing. In Acts 27:11, the general had more faith in the captain’s words than in the Lord’s words.

Abram and Lot started their journey according to God’s word. But eventually Lot’s interest was shifted on to worldly blessings and prosperity. That’s why he chose Sodom and convinced himself by saying that it looked like God’s paradise!

Abram also is a negative example of this case. In Genesis 15:4 the Lord promises Abram about his generation. But just in the next chapter, when Sarah tells him to sleep with her maidservant Abram listens to her. He puts more faith in Sarah’s words than on the Lord’s words!

Step 3

False favourable situation arises. When we read the verses 12-14 of the passage in Acts Chap. 27 there was cool breeze that comforted them.

They thought that their journey has been approved the Lord and everything turns to their favour. But this favourable situation didn’t last for a long time.There came Euroclydon, a tempestuous wind.

Favourable situations are fake and won’t last long for those who neglect God’s warnings. As a similar example, Lot chose Sovar when God wanted him to run to the mountains.

Even though Sovar appeared to be a favourable place for Lot, he feared to stay in that place after a while and went to the same mountains where Lord wanted him to go in the beginning.

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